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Prepare to get bored,


I am currently sited outside my crib typing my fingers away despite being as hungry as every sense of the word comes. I have a roommate ( or is it roommates?), who has not bothered to know what I have eaten for the past fortnight. I am prepared to bore my readers due to my indisposition to exertion on matters concerning this blog.

No. I don’t want to bore you all about how my creative juices have become diluted, how I have a writer’s mental block or any philosophical blabber towards such. No. I will not do injustice to the few readers who walk into this space with a thirst in their guts like a virgin on her wedding night. I know you are bored already but bear a little.

I am giving up. No, not on the blog (or not yet?). I am giving up on a lot of other things. An effort to not laugh when people I hate make really nice dry jokes. I am an enthusiast of the driest of jokes. Jokes so dehydrated, joke so bare and lacking moist they could be Sahara desert’s bastard. I am giving up on holding shit inside when I’m pressed. (Okay, I got to rush inside and have a quick dump. Bear with me. Listen to Sia when I’m gone or something.)

Aaaaaah. That was great. Taking a good dump is one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. Right above ummmh….what were they?? Anyone?

I really love this blog. I love her. I need a name for her. My lips curve in excitement when I think of the beautiful stories she makes me tell her. I blush when she stares at me when I don’t have stories to tell her. At such moment, we listen to some good music (Most of the times Sia calms her soul). It is at such times that she stares across the laptop from me while she tears up telling me of her lonely days. Of days I have abandoned her for Calculus. Or Java. Or physics. It is at such times that I hold out my hands and feel hers and assure her that I am just friends with science. She cries and says I lie. She has seen the texts. All the notes I have on the Laws of Thermodynamics. I feared it. She says she has seen all the PDFs I have stored in my PC.

“You are my one true love,” I assure her in between her sobs.

I tell her how all the laws of the universe and how math and science and techn….But she cuts me short by placing her index finger on my lips.

“I want to hear about your bad days, not about your friends that I am jealous of,” she whispers.

She still maintains her beautiful face when she cries. It’s my turn to cry now. I tell her of my father, my family, my sick aunt who has been in hospital for close to a year. I tell her of the days I cried sited at a bench in a place I will not disclose. All the while she is silent.

I tell her also, of the beautiful thing I have thought of the two of us. How far we have come. How much we need a vacation. But money seems to elude me. How I want us to completely move out of this ghetto and have our own beautiful place. A place we could tell the world even greater stories. But money seems to elude me.

“Where do you want us to go?” She asks

I look far past her across the laptop and squint. I am in deep thought.

“Domain baby. Domain.” I say.

A new tear forms in her eyes.

“What will you call me now. I have been waiting for the name for a long time since we moved in together.” She asks with great concern. It’s a question that has pestered me for not short a while also.

“I will tell you when I get more creative about it,” I answer.

“Just don’t cheat on me with science,” She says with great concern.

I cup her face in the laptop and give her a goodnight kiss as I kick the Calculus book with a heel way back under the bed.




A wannabe techie and literature enthusiast.

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