10:45pm on Sameta Hills

“Can you imagine how many people are making love at this very moment in all these houses?” I ask her

She turns her face abruptly towards me and stares as if she has just found the man who betrayed the great Sakawa.

“Going by the fact that it is a little before midnight, I’d have to say it’s more than half the huts.” She replies.

“I would hate to be that guy that has to be unlucky tonight. In a night like this when the moon is kissing the stars and the blush from the pink of their billion faces is bespoke. I would hate to be that guy that quarreled with the wife and now their backs have to lie facing each other. Or that one who ate his wife’s avocado that she had so much looked forward to and now the tips of their buttocks is the best contact they have. Or the one who is polygamous and got too drunk he forgot which hut he was to pleasure his groins from.” I say subconsciously.


I am losing her in the train of thoughts.

“I am just happy I am not the unlucky guy. I mean, here I am on top of a hill with the love of my life being slapped by a biting breeze while watching the village sleep like it’s a strange new dog.” I smile.

“Well guess what?” She turns to me yet again.

“Sakawa is not really dead and 911 was an inside job?” I spew a chuckle

“You’re such a hollow person.” She replies as she starts off down the hill

“Come on, I was only pulling your broomstick!” I shout and pick my Chief’s staff to run after her.

I take one look at the village from up here. Tonight I be the lucky guy, tomorrow I begin my rule.

Footnote: Pulling your broomstick is potterhead for pulling your leg. I am the newly crowned Village Chief. Also, Chapati is overrated. Did I say Chapati is overrated? Yes. Chapati is overrated.



A wannabe techie and literature enthusiast.


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